White Pigeon 🕊️


White symbolizes purity,
Pigeon serves humanity,
Being a dove of peace,
Messaging is its service.

Different colours of living being,
Brings flavour to life,
Colors of bird pigeon,
Adds humility to dive.

A true character invents,
From the human nest,
A building full of pigeon,
Proves it best.

Peace love prosperity,
Brings forth productivity,
White pigeons,
Creates hope in anxiety.

Love for bird,
Makes human mad,
As human enjoys freedom,
Birds live in wisdom.

Protection of animal,
Helps to maintain decorum,
Life is precious,
Nourishment is sagacious.

~Artist Prajna~

Rain 🌧️ & Rainbow ðŸŒˆ

Rain and rainbow,
Beauty of morning,
Cloudy day,
Arise of feeling.

A rainy day,
Is a dream of ray,
To acquire hope,
And to enjoy life more.

Human emotions,
Resembles whether,
Weather change,
Cause peace or turbulence.

First rain of season,
Gives the earthly reason,
For a person in love,
Rain means all.

Colors of rainbow,
Eliminates dark shadow.
Spring always arrives
Believe in mesmerizing.

~Artist Prajna~

Happy Father’s Day Dad🙏❤️

I can never thank you enough for everything, you have done for me. You have always gone above and beyond to support me and celebrate important time with me.✍️

Whenever I was happy or sad, you are the first person with whom I share all my heart without any hesitation. You are my inspiration, my first love and the most understanding Dad ever…☺️

Each single thing you advised me are worked like wonders in my life. I could not able to understand the value of quality, honesty, integrity, education, difference between dreams and desires if you could not guided me so effectively.

That’s why on this Father’s day I am paying my gratitude for each of the small achievements in my life and the reason for my existence and this life with wonderful blessings from God. 🙏

Love you Dad loads, ❤️ May Maa Saraswati bless us like before and ever.
Happy Father’s Day Bapa…👨‍👧

~Artist Prajna~

Love ❤️

Self-love is most important…❤️


The concept of Love.
LOVE , a powerful emotion. Love which creates, destroys, blesses and crushes people.
Love is the origin of humanity, relationship & nature.


From childhood, I have always been fascinated by love, being in love and being part of a loving weather with street side,roasted corn and cup of hot tea in my hand with my partner.

But as I grew older and came across different people around me, my perception and understanding of love got upgraded.I realized my existence in this Earth which is due to only love. Love from this universe ,my parents, mentors, family, friends and my well wishers. I realized the worth of saying to my mentors “Everything happens for a reason and we have to love it “.


Love to self is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. When you are with family you will be loved by your family, when you are in a relationship you will be loved by your lover, when you are with friends you will be loved by your friends, when you are with your kids, you will be loved by them as well.In all of these occasions you may not realize about self love. But when you are leading an independent life being single you will get the benefit of knowing yourself better. That will show you the best capability,talent and qualities in you.

Real life:

Now you might be thinking, the concept of self love is all about a single person. Absolutely not.This is an experience of the writer who is sharing it with each one of you with a notion that it may help you to be better in each stage of your life. As you know life is harder, unpredictable as well as beautiful and precious for all. A person having family can feel lonely if he or she has not been nurtured with self love. At the same time,an individual can sense completeness being fairly educated. Everyone should do his/her best in this life to feel self sufficient and unregretful at the end.

Always listen to your heart, live with your brain and stay satisfied with your soul. What I believe, love is the only simple way to happiness. Staying happy can only be possible when an individual fixes himself with a goal or ambition, which should be love and passion for him. And fixing himself to a goal is also inclusive of loads of hurdles. But after crossing down the hurdles, the satisfaction received thereafter is endless.

In this modern time, lots of scenarios can be seen, which can be classified into two main categories. In the first case, people are happy with their lives by getting jobs, getting married, having kids, buying houses and cars. But if you will closely observe them or ask about them, they might not be happy from inside and fight for the attainment of their inner peace. In the second case, people are struggling to get jobs, getting married, getting kids and buying their favourite cars or houses which causes miseries and negativity in them.

In both the cases, negativity can be observed from their activities and thoughts which will end up in polluting their peaceful minds and souls. May be positivity and negativity both are contagious vibrations in nature. If you think and speak positively the atmosphere will be filled with positive vibrations which can heal the invisible wounds and create wonders. In the same way, the negative vibrations can pollute the complete diversity and destroy the sanctity of the atmosphere leading to a catastrophe of humanity as a whole.

But as an individual, everyone needs to understand that each and every life is different from another. Each one has their defined time to get different things done in different ways. So everyone should stop comparing his own life with others which invites negativity. Hence please do think and analyse about yourself and your life, which will make you focussed to the valuable directions of life.

Create awareness:

Hence,from a writer’s perspective, people should wisely scrutinise their thoughts, contents of speaking, food, friends and each single activity they do everyday and each second. They need to streamline their quality time from their busy schedule and translate it into action with a loving attitude which may be termed as ‘discipline’ and the discipline is an instrument for building a healthy and happy mind.

But for a new beginning, the first step is to love yourself, which I tried to convince by highlighting it in the whole article. There will be many more minute elements which can be taken into consideration for a happy and healthy life which I may be able to write in my next edition.
But I think this first part of my write-up can throw a ray of light for creating positive vibes in my readers to start thinking about themselves and to constitute a better version of them.

Be happy and healthy in your mind and soul.

With best wishes 🙂
~Artist Prajna~,
A beginner having courage to pen down her experience into a piece of paper,
Cheers !!

Celebrating my 10th year service Anniversary ðŸŽ‰

Feeling satisfied ☺️

A big day in Mumbai…31st May 2010. Still I remember the magnificent ship shaped building,
when I started my dream career, as a college passout…

10 years was nevertheless a wonderful journey with lots of roller coasters of emotions, where life taught me to be independent, smart, matured,to deal with different sorts of human beings,and to understand the difference between right and wrong.

For an supremely ambitious person like me, the best thing happened is to work with top IT brands one after another, to learn each day personally and professionally, to keep my career graph increasing day by day.

Due to the perfection I gave to my work, the dedication in each small bit of it, and the tolerance towards unwanted surprises, I took the center stage in people’s hearts again and again, as I used to do since my school and college days.

I never get tired of doing my responsibilities, working hours, tough situations, tough people, countering failures. I maintained my calm and good nature each day & each minute. Took each challenge as an opportunity and tried to overcome all my weaknesses.

I used to love each bit of my work with the same passion and same self-motivation. And God was always with me like he is protecting a soul in the best possible ways to achieve her dreams.

Therefore, I always have happiness and gratitude towards the divine power, who gifted me with lots of talents and helped me to refine them day by day.

Therefore, I will continue the good work, might be in more effective ways as I learnt from my experiences and will utilize the same to help others for their growth.

Thanks a lot. ✌️

~Artist Prajna~

Lead Consultant, IT 🙂

Perfection 😍

To inspire each individual in these gloomy times of ruling Corona. Stay positive and strong. 💪

God created human being,
without having perfect gene,
Poured abilities into the engine,
Called an intelligent bin.

Shower the power of desire with a ray of hope,
Still darkness didn’t disappear,
Brighten the Sun with supreme light,
Still awaiting for sun-shine.

Love wisdom quality vanished,
Show-off trend misery pitch-in.

Perfect world dream still pending,
Devil(Corona) is not leaving,
How to bring the perfection in,
Can a human be the reason ?

Inspirational poem

~Artist Prajna~

Flower & Woman ðŸ’ƒðŸŒ¹

May 22, 2020 A flower,Blooms in shower,Desire,Sets the fire. Beauty with brain,Makes an woman pageant,Decency and dignity,Makes it benevolent. Ways to excellence,Routes in consciousness,Glory in self,Break the hearts in depth. Woman companion to a man,May not an attainment than,Like a flower, live in royal,Builds the warmth, perceives the charm. Wither in flower,Ruins it entire,Sinful woman,Similar […]

Flower & Woman 💃🌹

Flower & Woman ðŸ’ƒðŸŒ¹

May 22, 2020 A flower,Blooms in shower,Desire,Sets the fire. Beauty with brain,Makes an woman pageant,Decency and dignity,Makes it benevolent. Ways to excellence,Routes in consciousness,Glory in self,Break the hearts in depth. Woman companion to a man,May not an attainment than,Like a flower, live in royal,Builds the warmth, perceives the charm. Wither in flower,Ruins it entire,Sinful woman,Similar […]

Flower & Woman 💃🌹

Roads to Happiness ðŸ˜

Suffering is an offering,
Gifted by God.
Ease at least,
Sustain very short.

When the doors are closed,
Patience is lost,
Is the time for new hope.

Beam of light resembles,
A new opportunity,
Holds the breath,
Surpasses the pain.

Happiness is not always being happy,
But having the strength to overcome the difficulties.

Enlightenment is the beginning,
Routes the happiness to flow in,
Challenges are beautiful,
Satisfies the solitude.

More is pain,
Magnificent is gain,
Wonderful is life,
Enjoy it alive.

~Artist Prajna~

Flower & Woman ðŸ’ƒðŸŒ¹

May 22, 2020

A flower,
Blooms in shower,
Sets the fire.

Beauty with brain,
Makes an woman pageant,
Decency and dignity,
Makes it benevolent.

Ways to excellence,
Routes in consciousness,
Glory in self,
Break the hearts in depth.

Woman companion to a man,
May not an attainment than,
Like a flower, live in royal,
Builds the warmth, perceives the charm.

Wither in flower,
Ruins it entire,
Sinful woman,
Similar to inhuman .

Care is the key,
Usual within dusky,
Wait is over,
Realization is sober.

Heals the pain,
Melts it in vein,
Love the flower,
As natural is desire.

~Artist Prajna~

Friendship 💑

May 20, 2020

Understanding is an art,
Learn it by-heart,
Think through experiences,
Do not judge through influences.

Friends are precious,
Keep them assiduous,
Build the time memorable,
Flourish through being remarkable.

Unique friends are gifted,
Learn to make them feel well-treated,
Juniors understand the difference,
Never act conceited.

Life is too short,
Do not compel it over tough.

Values lies in intelligence,
Do not rupture it in negligence,
Status is a symbol,
Earn it being humble.

Respect the feelings,
Nurture through healings.

Love is divine,
Avoid creating scene,
True friend is lover,
Stranger is hunter.

Understand before it’s too late,
Else everything will be belated,
Message from an Angel,❤️
Contemplate it in detail.🙂

~Artist Prajna~